01 October 2010 @ 07:41 pm
Comment here to be considered if we share similar interests.
Or else, you're going to be pretty bored reading this journal.

Please make sure that we have a few things in common.
I don't see why you would want to read my stuff otherwise.

I post at least once a day, up to several times depending of my mood.
Usually my maximum is up to 3 entries per day. But...

Be aware that I'll mostly be talking about my daily life and things that I like.
Meaning: university, work, art, video game, music, budgie, fandom, and more.

Most entries are in English despite the fact that French is my first language.
This being said, expect some grammatical errors and mistakes. If you feel more comfortable to comment in French, you're more than welcome. Ratio is about 98% English VS 2% French.

Comments are to be expected once in a while.
I don't expect you to comment on every single entries that I make because I won't be replying to every single entries from you. However, giving a sign of life once in a while is appreciated. Obviously, the favour will be returned.

I don't randomly add people who haven't commented here.
In addition, I do check out your profile before adding.

Finally, if you're still interested...you know what you need to do ♥
I don't bite ;)
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